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  1. bflbob

    HOT TOPIC Woman Sells Her Virginity; FL Transcends to Oldest Profession

    I've been offering to let my wife have sex with a virgin every night -- for FREE. But she still won't touch me ;-(
  2. bflbob

    Beverage Company Idea

    I have removed all the links for you, but left the company name. Now do the right thing and post that intro.
  3. bflbob

    Beverage Company Idea

    I'll help...
  4. bflbob

    Crazy Egg promotion: free account for a single page

    I've used Crazy Egg for about a year. It really helps you to discover what links are grabbing people's attention. Thanks for the link. Wish I could grab the deal, but I already use it.
  5. bflbob

    Subcontracting VS. Employees

    A few year's ago, I would have strongly suggested that you hire as many subs as you could on a project. Our primary reason was that they took away the risk on a project. They agree to do 'job a' for $x. If it cost them more, too bad. It was their nickle. Now, I'm not so sure. We have had...
  6. bflbob

    936 months

    Sort of sad that the average age of a woman at the birth of first child is 22 months before the average age of first marriage.
  7. bflbob

    how to keep income in LLC?

    Oh boy. I don't get a warm feeling for what you are trying to do. First, it sounds like you want to be a collector, and are trying to run the profits through a business. Collecting and the business of dealing in collectables aren't the same thing. If your only goal is to buy artwork, stick...
  8. bflbob

    Hello from Upstate NY

    My son worked on LI for the NYS Park Police for a couple of years. Mainly on Jones Beach. I've been out there for a couple visits. Pretty area, but scary HUGE parking areas for a park! I think you could fit my home town in the Jones Beach parking lots. Not many parking lots have their own...
  9. bflbob

    Hello from Upstate NY

    Hey Darius! I'm an Upstater, too. Just a bit more upstate than it looks like you are. (I looked up your IP). My Brother-in-law lives down near you, in Marlboro. The company I work for has done several projects in Ulster County, too. As for the hair salon, it can be Fastlane. I have a...
  10. bflbob

    Somebody says MJ Demarco is a fraud / scam

    Speaking of... What HAVE you been up to lately, Russ? Usually when you're this quiet things are either real bad or real good. I'm hoping it is the latter and that you'll share it with us when the time comes.
  11. bflbob

    Choosing the Right Niche

    Yeah, I agree. You've entered two VERY crowded niches. I'd recommend that you ratchet down the niche to a sub-sub niche of what they are now. Instead of an adult site, think of what they need or use: Videos Lubricants Handcuffs Leather Role-playing Outfits Next, think of...
  12. bflbob

    WEB/DIGITAL Wordpress CSS

    You can play around with CSS by using the Firebug plugin for Firefox. Load any site, and you can change colors, widths, font size, and more. I'm not an expert at CSS, but Firebug (free) has helped me learn how to make modifications in it.
  13. bflbob

    How do you promote a business that you are not passionate about?

    If people couldn't succeed at what they aren't inspired by, there would be no Proctologists.
  14. bflbob

    Hello / Intro

    Now THAT'S an intro! Welcome!
  15. bflbob

    HOT TOPIC My Turn. Pulling the trigger on my first ecommerce business!

    Let's all order 5 and then return them.

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