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My first venture was when I was 10 years old, my parents and relatives decided to have a garage sale. I had the idea to sell pop at the garage sale to customers that would come by. I went to the local grocery store, bought cans of pop for X amount of dollars, brought them back and sold them to customers that wanted some thing to drink. At this moment, I noticed I created value to customers and their experience with shopping at the garage sale. At the end of the day I made some thing like $33, which too me at the time was a lot of money. It was never about the amount of money that I could have made, but rather the overall experience and lessons learned from the sale.

I come from a line of entrepreneurs, where most of my family members own their own businesses and my father was a farmer.

Years later, I am looking to start my own ventures out in the world. I have lots of ideas and am looking to pursuit them actively as I go throughout college. College is just a temporary thing that allows me to obtain knowledge about furthering my entrepreneurial career.

Thats me :)
May 6, 1994 (Age: 27)
Edmonton, Alberta
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