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    INTRO Introducing a loser

    Keep in mind that (at least in my country) people have lived in communal family houses since the Roman times. The idea of everyone having their own house is less than 100 years old, and, at least in Spain, imported directly from the 1960s "American Dream" and appearing in an expansive part of...
  2. Abrodos

    INTRO Introducing a loser

    Hello here from a fellow 30 year old who also lives with his parents, also kinda broke (making less than 400$ a month), and also a creative that doesn't quite find how to live from art. MJ says it in Unscripted: You don't need to be doing what you were genetically predisposed: Just adding value...
  3. Abrodos

    Going Fastlane

    I don't know about coding myself, but I meant jumping straight into doing it. Taking action, leaving behind the "plans in a piece of paper" stage. I'm doing that with my youtube channel: the videos are not perfect but I'm learning a lot while creating them. and I'm making them better on the way.
  4. Abrodos

    Going Fastlane

    from my experience I'd say, don't separate studying java from programming a game. Learn java as you program, find problems in the process, solve them, keep going. But don't use studying to evade yourself from actually creating and sharing your creation (even if it's not finished). Welcome to the...
  5. Abrodos

    INTRO Previously successful young entrepreneur. Failed hard, I need your advice.

    If you need some help with the T-shirt designs, let me know! I'm an artist and illustrator myself, and I have some friends that are graphic designers themselves. PM me or mail me at
  6. Abrodos

    Make £1300 in 5 weeks - Your Suggestions

    Does she have any experience with nail designs, painting different stuff, etc? She could try doing christmas gifts, the time of the year is in her favour. Doesn't need to have good drawing skills, just a good eye with colour, designs, geometry... all that can work. Add some short christmas...
  7. Abrodos

    Any books/resources on developing a dominant behaviour?

    Hi guys, I'm looking specifically on any resource to develop a dominant attitude/behaviour or stop submissive body language, towards developing agressiveness, etc. Long story short, I'm happy and successful (at least from my own standards). I can be a sweet, caring and healthy partner, I have...
  8. Abrodos

    What's the MOST amount of money that you've made in a day? (With Your Business)

    About 5k for a single comission sculpture, but it was a process of discussing it wth the clients for a long time. Also, it was paid in different payments, and made later in a long process... Great posts above, a great source of inspiration!
  9. Abrodos

    OFF-TOPIC how to make videos like this?

    That's After Effects probably! Here's a tutorial: View:
  10. Abrodos

    Why is there not more healthy fast food chains?

    In Barcelona there are a couple healthy fast-food places. They're called Veritas and Nostrum (I suppose the latin names connect to the mediterranean diet. They basically sell packaged dishes for either 1€, 2€, or 3€. So you can have a full meal for less than 10€ (the usual daily menu here is...
  11. Abrodos

    OFF-TOPIC Whats the point of life?

    Even though I'm an atheist, I'm very transcendental, and I've been thinking about purpose for a long time. Here are the conclusions I've reached so far: Goodness is a thing. You can define good as something that makes beings feel better than before, and evil as the actions that make beings...
  12. Abrodos

    How much are/were you making at your slowlane job?

    I'm 30. At my school teacher job, I'm making about 13-15€/hour (fixed by the government). With my art commissions, I've been trying for a couple years to set a 20€ hourly rate, even though I still get my fingers burned every now and then, due to budget miscalculations. I'm now aiming to raise my...
  13. Abrodos

    Are there any artists here? How did you find balance without giving up your art?

    Yes! I mean, non-artists have our skills in high regard. Many people have told me what I can do with clay feels like "magic" to them. That's an incredible value that not many artists are aware of possessing. You can also enter a related field and put yourself over competitors instantly...
  14. Abrodos

    Are there any artists here? How did you find balance without giving up your art?

    I can offer some thoughts: 1. A LOT OF people are trying to live from art. That is a direct violation of the entry commandment from the CENTS. But you can profit from that, by trying to build a business oriented to aspiring musicians; you already might know many potential clients and their...
  15. Abrodos

    INTRO Spanish Millionaire

    Basically I've been running a small business for 6-7 years (I'm a sculptor, i make trophies and theatre scenery). My business development has been very slow, mainly because I have difficulties getting out of my confort zone. Here you can read a bit about me...

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