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youtube channel

  1. SSimz

    So I tried out YouTube Promotions (ads) for my Youtube Channel

    So as a quick background I post educational how to tech videos on my Youtube channel and I decided to try out Youtube promotions (ads) and here were my results over a two week period after spending $200. I had no real goal and just decided to throw some money at it to see what would happen.
  2. N

    Struggling to monetize audience both via email, website and social media for niche site

    So I have a niche dating site that is about 2 years old and a yt channel with about 10k subs and a small email list of around 250ish subs. My audience loves my content but they don't want to open their wallets. In fact, this was the reason why I stopped posting new content on my site a while...
  3. Glispick

    Building a YouTube Channel

    Hey all, Thank you for being here. Hope you’re doing well. Quick introduction I recently started a YouTube channel and would like to document the journey and the lessons I learn here. Primarily because this forum has been a great source of inspiration to me, and MJ DeMarco’s books have been...
  4. TyFrom99

    Building a Brand and Audience Through YouTube in 2023

    Much like many members on this forum this year I decided to start a channel for a few reasons. Being born in '99 I've used editing programs my entire life and felt like I wasn't taking advantage of my skillset outside of freelance work. Additionally, I have a genuine passion for creating videos...
  5. MGS

    Analyzing My YouTube Journey So Far.

    Hello Everyone, There's this in the self improvement niche channel called "FarFromWeak" that managed to gain 900k subscribers in less than a year. Instead of just discussing it, I decided to take action and created my own channel, determined to try out every single tip and trick recommended by...
  6. M

    Can a Youtube channel be a good business in spite of the lack of control?

    I'm reaching out to you today with a question and the hope of some advice and perspective. Lately I've been thinking about creating a YouTube channel and getting started with a "content-system" business model. I am very excited about the idea of helping others improve their skills and initiate...
  7. Chilolo

    I need help with my YouTube channel what on earth should I do?

    Hi.I need help. I spent the entirety of a Month editing a video (MAY 3rd to JUNE 2nd). Somewhere along the way I decided to watch some Alex Hormozi. The video is now titled "Alex Hormozi’s content strategy (REVEALED)". The part that really hit home for me was. The following. Speak on "your"...
  8. Timmy C

    Growing an MMA news channel on YouTube

    Hi everyone, how are we all going today? A bit of context on where I am at with this channel, and how I got here. I was doing video editing some time ago for a large YouTube channel in the Finance News Niche. The Channel is quite large and last time I checked has 200,000 subscribers at time of...
  9. R

    [Progress Thread] Road to 100k Subs on YouTube in 2023

    Enter January 2023, I finally mustered up the balls to put myself out there and start the YouTube channel I've always said "one day" about. I want to build a personal brand, documenting my "second life" as a futures trader and providing educational value to people wanting to trade futures...
  10. MaxT

    Create a shorts youtube channel

    Hello, I'm a French Entrepreneur since 2018, and I've started a Youtube channel where I publish different facts about general culture every day in the shorts format. I publish on tik tok too. At this time it's only for fun, but in 10 days I've get 2k views on one video and 1k views on another...
  11. Andy Black

    [Master List] Building YouTube Channels

    I thought it would be helpful to list all the YouTube progress threads and maybe use this thread as a chat thread about YouTube. I’ll keep this opening post up to date. Please let me know if I’ve missed any. GOLD! - Creating a Thriving Personal Brand w/ YouTube - A Journal & A Personal Guide...