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  1. DebtFreeDr

    Growing a new YouTube Channel

    I'm a doctor turned passive real estate investor that has been blogging about it for 3 years. Recently I've started noticing that I'm enjoying learning via YouTube more than my previous method, listening to podcasts. There's something about being able to see someone (instead of only hearing...
  2. Hassan

    EXECUTION Building a community on YouTube from scratch

    There’s less than half a year left (currently 167 days) until 2021 comes to a close and I’ve accomplished nothing. Sure, I’ve made some progress in my day job (content marketer), but apart from that? Nada. That’s the harsh truth. And the primary cause is a lack of focus on one thing and a...
  3. High Living

    EXECUTION Growing a successful YouTube animation channel

    Hello Fastlaners, After years of (occasionally, I must say) reading this forum, I am excited to start my execution thread, and share my journey on creating and scaling a successful YouTube channel: I have in fact just started “High Living”, which offers animated videos on a variety of topics...
  4. C

    EXECUTION Building A Successful YouTube Channel - The Journey

    How I Got Here Stumbled upon this forum, dont really remember how I found it to be honest, lurked around quite a while. Found the forum to have a great sense of community, overall a positive feel but a place that also provides feedback, eventually found my way to ‘The Millionaire Fastlane’. I...
  5. sifix

    EXECUTION The Beginning of my YouTube Journey - Inspired by James Jani

    Title's quite self explanatory, but who are you how did it begin? I'm a competitive strength athlete, nutrition enthusiast and student who's currently also pursuing a career in orthopaedic surgery. Like the title says, I was inspired by James Jani - particularly his video about his about money...
  6. AubreyJ

    GOLD! Creating a Successful YouTube Channel in the Business/Finance Niche

    Hey guys, my name is Aubrey and I am a 26 year old based in Dallas, Texas. I wasn’t going to create a progress thread about this because I have a thread I recently commented on in the Insiders section and I didn’t want to duplicate the info – but after thinking about it I decided I would create...
  7. Valier

    GOLD! Creating a Thriving Personal Brand w/ YouTube - A Journal & A Personal Guide.

    Let's get this started with a basic introduction. Hi, I'm James. 19 y/o from the UK, chose not to go university since there wasn't any subject I wanted to study that would suit my direction in life. The big goal is to be semi-retired by 30, but that's okay if I don't get there, I'm focusing on...
  8. Ossian Shield

    Someone Wants To Buy My Youtube Channel

    I hope all you guys are having an awesome day so far! I have been running a Music Production Youtube channel since around January this year, with reused content of artist. I also have Live Instagram clips from well known Hiphop Music Producers on the channel. Some of my clips has gone viral...
  9. J

    Youtube Channel Monetization

    Hi everyone, I hope you are all having a great day. So I have been running a Youtube channel in the men's advice niche for about 6 months. I have 5,000 subs and get about 2,000 views per day. I want to monetize my audience somehow but 1) I'm not sure quite how yet (thinking about writing an...
  10. Mark Fobo

    INTRO Press Start With ME (Mark)

    I remember when I was a kid at school, we were being asked every year, on our first day back from the summer break, to introduce ourselves to the rest of the classroom. I had this teacher one year who asked us to say at the end of our introduction what job we wanted to have when older. At the...
  11. J

    INTRO Hi Risk Takers! My Name is Jake & I Have a Question

    Hi Everyone, My name is Jake and I just read the millionaire fast lane. To say the least, my life has gained many perspectives as a direct result. I am a 21 year old and I am currently in my last semester of college. Despite being about to receive a business degree, I am one of the ones who...
  12. C

    INTRO I read the book and made a video about it...

    Hello fastlaners, like you I found the Millionaire Fastlane to be a great read. Here's a short, fun video inspired by the important concepts from the book. I hope you enjoy it. View:
  13. S

    I offered to translate (dub) a youtube video. I then ask to publish on my channel? Asking too much?

    Hey guys, I own a somewhat popular non-english website in the crypto space. We do not have a youtube channel yet but I am looking to start one. Recently I came across a video (in English) that does a fantastic job at explaining certain concepts that people find confusing about cryptocurrencies...
  14. Bryan James

    OFF-TOPIC MJ Youtube Channel

    Hey there. Does anyone know how frequently MJ will upload his videos on YouTube? If he has a fixed schedule? Or if he plans on continuing indefinitely with his videos? Or if they're subject to stop for whatever reason? I'm a big fan of them and find them very educational and watchable. Thanks!
  15. Alan Spicer

    RANT Why YOU Are Not Growing On YouTube

    I get asked this over and over and over again by friends, my comment section and my clients. WHY AM I NOT GROWING ON YOUTUBE? But then you look at their channel and they are just not being the basics right. Its like a blind spot and sometimes I feel that direct brutal honesty can help shake...
  16. pausebreak

    Inspiring Youtube Channels

    Hi everyone here are some youtube channels that i subscribed. You may also share your list for fastlaners ! Motivation Madness, Evan Carmichael (Entrepreneur Tips) TheRSA , Y Combinator, Talks at Google, The School of Life (Talks) MIT OpenCourseWare, Udacity, Siraj Raval (Science)...
  17. andrewthomas

    Help me promote my YouTube channel

    Hello Guys, Here's what I need your help with: a few months ago, I've started a YouTube channel. At the moment of writing, I have 16 videos and will try to publish two per week from now on. My best video currently has 5,244 views, the second most popular one is at 3,849 and I have a few right...
  18. Fox

    NOTABLE! Growing a YouTube Channel to 100,000 Subs

    Hey everyone, I have been snowed in at a hotel in Kazbegi, Georgia for the last few days with no sign of leaving so I wanted to start a thread I have been thinking of for a while. One regret with my original web design thread is that I didn't start sooner. It is nice when it is possible to see...
  19. F

    My new Youtube Channel

    Hi Community! This is my first post in this forum. For a long time I was silent reader: D How do I quickly build up reach. Of course I do the usual things like delivering regular content, commenting on other channels and trying to make high-quality videos (I'm still learning: D) My idea was...
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