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  1. Matt26

    WEB SCHOOL Web design + business consulting + 24/7 Youtube streaming

    Hello everyone, I have this idea of creating my personal website for website development, potentially evolving in the future (after my Business Management degree) into Business Consulting. I have a few questions: Do you think I should cold-call/showing up to companies to advertise my service...
  2. NikGR

    EXECUTION First attempt to Youtube channel with book reviews

    I just started a channel on Youtube to make reviews - key takeaways and useful/actionable steps from books i read. Please check it and give some feedback because i am new to this territory Thank you. ❤️
  3. 9to5NoMore

    INTRO My name is Victor and I'm a 9 to 5 wage slave...for now

    Hi everyone! I'm Victor, a low-income ($13.15/hr) proofreader working for the classifieds section of a small company that does outsourced work for major news publications like the New York Times, and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, among many others. My fellow coworkers and I are overworked...
  4. proner

    I am a game developer, and I want to be a Spanish-speaking reference

    I am a game developer, and I want to be a Spanish-speaking reference. I would like you to give me ideas, to teach programming and video game development. I do not have a camera, how could I do it and have a good impact on youtube. -Nicolas
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