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  1. Dario29

    Monetize with my blog

    Hello, I work in the wine industry since 10 years and after reading the millionaire fastlane for the first time, maybe 6-7 years ago, my life changed. Working in the wine industry I was seeing that a specifc kind of wine was underestimated even if the market was very good. I am talking about...
  2. Joseph Xuereb

    Hi there!

    Just started reading MJ the Millionaire Fastlane and registers with the Firum. It will be great to get to know some of you. My life’s passion has been food and wine and a particular interest in organic extra virgin olive oil. I hope to be able to post more info later. Meanwhile I’m just out...
  3. K

    New Member

    Hello Everyone, I just read TMF (audiobook) and very exited to get started on the Fastlane. I’m currently a marketing & sales specialist in the spirits business, but own a small Jamaican restaurant with 2 partners in the DC area. Best,
  4. GrandRub

    I moved to a wine-growing area - how to bring value to them?

    i live in a wine-growing area in germany. here you find a lot of winegrowers and everything that goes with it + tourists, especially from the usa and asia. I have an online shop in a completely different area that has absolutely nothing to do with it - but I think that is a huge...
  5. Deliafiori

    Business help, niche wine and vineyard

    Hello my name is Delia, I am Italian but currently living in London, I discovered this forum reading the fast lane! I am an entrepreneur I have started two small business and I need advice to make them running! First: I have a small vineyard in Italy and I produce around 6,000 bottle, which is...
  6. huntiii

    Gold. Silver. Crypto-Currency. Quantum Physics. Wine. Health.

    Hey Forum- I'm Hunter. I'm from Chicago. Ex futures trader from the floor of Chicago Mercantile Exchange. I wrote a book called "Stack Silver Get Gold. I've been investing in the crypto-currency space for 3 years. Have a few online training programs in the precious metals, crypto and...