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window cleaning

  1. Tubs

    Growing a window cleaning business

    I've recently started a window cleaning business as my sole source of income. I had previously had a "cleaning business" that I mentioned in another thread on here, but it really wasn't much of a business, I was just getting hired for hourly work through the task rabbit app. I took a job after...
  2. MRiabov

    How to keep employees for long?

    Hey guys, I've started window cleaning and it's... Going well, heh. So the question is... I know the business is to help people. Right. And I want to expand, and I want to expand seriously. To expand I need employees, and the thing is employees... When they see that all they need is to clean...
  3. DreamLund

    Local Service Business Website Builder?

    question What website builder would you use if you had a local service based business? Information: Business: Window Cleaning Product: Only services, no sales online Reason for website: Searchable, more "trustworthy", reviews/testimonials, and a contact form. Inspirational...
  4. piano

    [FULL GUIDE] Starting a Window Cleaning Business (by @piano)

    Preface This is a long guide with a lot of information. Before you read this, I just want to tell you something: The reason you don't need this guide. When I started out, I didn't have such a guide but it was ok because I had a starting point; I need the tools, ok I searched for them and bought...
  5. Moxy404

    Started window cleaning today

    So lately, I've been seeing a lot of threads on window cleaning. I saw @Lawtiti 's thread and decided I would give window cleaning a try. Today I went out and asked 5 people if they wanted their windows cleaned (barely any people I know, but I didn't have much time). All of them said no, but...
  6. The Rizzler

    The Rizzler Strikes it on His Own || Business execution thread

    My purpose for this thread I plan to use this as a blog/discussion thread to document the step-by-step of my journey in self-ownership and entrepreneurship. I hope to hit on details that are skipped over by people afraid to "let out all their secrets". This stuff may seem obvious, but for me, it...
  7. Subsonic

    Scaling a window cleaning company

    It's been a while since I posted so I'll start this project here to provide value and mayhaps even some entertainment to the people here. Currently I have a big periode of action faking (or rather action avoiding) behind me, which was preceded by a failure. This failure can be observed in an...
  8. Subsonic

    Advertising for a Home Service/Window cleaning Gig

    What are the mediums that would be normally used to advertise such a thing? I have hit some success with doing flyers but those are not worth it to me right now (Cold weather, rain, long walking distance etc.). They did have a great roas tho (2.5 at a small sample size). The reason I want to go...
  9. piano

    I'm going to wash windows for money tomorrow for the first time in my life. Any tips?

    So tomorrow I'm going to try it. Knocking on peoples' doors and wash their outside windows. There is just something that kind of bothers me: -I'm going on foot (I'm just 16 so no car) and I wondered if I should just knock on peoples' doors with all my equip on my back/hands etc. Is this...
  10. Joejordan95

    Boring Businesses Really Do Make Money.

    Came across this business - Tidal Cleaning Services - Professional window cleaning services A window cleaning business that has grown to franchise out its business model. View: 18 months to build the business with employees, now opening...
  11. Geekour

    How to decide on a service business to scale in a specific market?

    I can't seem to decide what service industry would be best to scale ESPECIALLY in my market. For example nobody is going to start a snow blowing business here. Also I feel like any highly specialized fields will be a hassle to train employees correctly and will be the downfall to scaling...