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website conversion

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  1. khadush

    Is there anyone who is going to work on their new landing/website?

    Hey, I am working on my book which helps people to create a landing page from research to development by themself. So, I wanted to take some feedback from people who are going through the process of creating their own website or landing. So, that I can understand their mindset, what kind of...
  2. E

    EXECUTION Critique My Website

    Hey Fastlaners, I have been hitting a problem with converting users into buyers. I can convert people from my ads fairly easily over to my web page, however many people will add to cart and then vanish. I am certain that something I am doing is stifling my attempts to convert people. I'd...
  3. Mayor042

    WEB SCHOOL How do I get started

    Good day everyone, I'm really glad I found this book the millionaire fastlane at my local shop and read it. It has really opened my eyes and changed my perspective of financial freedom, now i have ideas burning inside of me which I intend bringing out to life, ideas that I know will benefit...
  4. D

    HOT! My conversion rate sucks. Can I ask for advice?

    I dont want to cross any lines here, so I wont put up my url until someobody tells me it's cool to do so. But w/out getting into it, I sell motorcycle apparel, and specialize in custom racing leathers. I get decent traffic on my website, but my conversion rate sucks. I designed it as if I...
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