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undercover billionaire

  1. BlackLynx

    Undercover Billionaire - Season 2

    Haven't seen a thread on this - and I know @MJ DeMarco really got fired up talking about season 1. Undercover Billionaire is back. This time - not one contestant but three. One of them the controversial Grant Cardone. The Concept Three established billionaires are dropped into a city where...
  2. MJ DeMarco

    Undercover Billionaire, My Take on the Fake...

    So I just got back from a little vacation in Cabo San Lucas and upon my return home, I also returned with a little food poisoning. That hung me up in bed for 2 days and as such, I was able to catch up with this reality TV series that has the big thread here, which also was recommended that I...
  3. Kak

    Informal Dinner at Underdog's BBQ in Erie, PA (Undercover Billionaire's Restaurant)

    I told you guys in the other thread I want dinner at Underdog. Yes, the restaurant from the Undercover Billionaire! I think it will be a great time. It is happening. Who is in? I am inviting Glenn too. We will see how that goes.
  4. Kak

    The Undercover Billionaire: Building a $1m business in 90 days

    I'm currently watching a show on Discovery Channel called "The Undercover Billionaire." The premise is they drop a billionaire in a random city with a truck and 100 bucks and he bets he can build a million dollar business in 90 days. I thought that was cool and I should share.

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