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time is not money

  1. Adrien Msx

    INTRO I'm going to be billionaire

    Hi! I'm Adrien! I'm 21, from France (I live in Los Angeles)! I am creating business since my childhood because I'm convinced that it's the best way to add value to the world. I spend my time throwing business, sometimes it works sometimes not, but I continued to learn from my mistakes to do...
  2. B

    OFF-TOPIC 'Successful' entrepreneur living the dream dead @ 46

    This is just a little reminder that you don't have to be 'old' to die, life can end at any moment. Hell, you could drive to the grocery store tomorrow get in a car accident and die. A few of you are familiar with this guy. Rich Piana, he had his own very successful health & fitness brand (5%...

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