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  1. Darwin Diaz

    Forum Member Gratitude Thread

    Everyday, a forum member helps you out on the journey to Unscription. The way I see it, they are helping you reclaim all the things that matter in life. - Your time. - Your autonomy. - Your passion for life. - Your development in something meaningful. - Your soul. - Your ability to be the...
  2. Ivan Koretskyy

    Thank you MJ for your value. Now I will provide value too

    Thank you MJ, you opened my eyes to the unlimited possibilities of businesses using the CENTS commandments and other strategies. I read four of his books and some twice while I'm in the pursuit of building my own business to keep me pushing until I receive my feedback loop. I'd like to talk...
  3. KSR

    So, it's been a year!

    AND WHAT A YEAR! Let me start off just by saying how grateful I am for this forum and its members. This is the place that changed my life... forever! I'm not going to claim that I have made millions of dollars, networked with a bunch of like-minded people or started my own business that's on...
  4. Spicymemer45

    Joining the Army to get my shit straight

    A big thank you to the Fastlane that has given me insight into breaking the capitalist chains and turning them into tools for me to be financially free. My execution and discipline are underdeveloped, in my own sense. I joined the Army a few days ago mostly for personal reasons also to develop...