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  1. G

    "4-Hour Work Week" Has Anyone Pulled This Off FR? I Feel I'm Close But..

    1st I read "4-Hour Work Week".. then.. "Unscripted" ... obviously "Rich Dad"(Yawn.. I hate real estate). So Then I began to invent an old idea and bring it to market. I spent 3 years being super keen on building systems and hiring one or two all stars who I can sub most work to. That I'm good...
  2. NeoDialectic

    Plant Money Trees By Making SYSTEMS

    I've seen "making systems" and delegating mentioned throughout the forum a few times now (@Antifragile , @Kak , @mikecarlooch , @BizyDad, @MTF , and more) but I haven't stumbled on any recent easy approachable guides to it. It seems like some people are really hesitant because it looks harder...
  3. Niptuck MD

    Managing people and skilled labour across different continents

    I hope this post can help those that have physical businesses across different countries. I am writing this as an individual that has done business and carried out projects across Southeast Asia, America and Western Europe. I remember one of the most memorable speeches given at a summit was by...
  4. C

    Automating Yourself Out of Your Business

    I’m a big fan of automating and simplifying processes to make them more efficient. Long term, I want to automate myself out of my business so it can continue running without me. That’s a tough ask when there’s only me and no employees. My business is writing and publishing books/courses in the...
  5. V

    Hello! Solopreneur here aspiring to become an Entrepreneur & truly get into the Fastlane!

    Hi, My name is Vitaliy, a Ukrainian-American living in Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA. I'm always immersing myself in self-development, learning about business, and I'm excited to interact on this forum. Currently, I do headlight restoration (3+ years), social media marketing for a...
  6. Andy Black

    Podcast: Systematise your business

    Podcast: Systematise your business Only 30 minutes long and well worth listening to. I thought it was a great insight into how to systematise your business, and the benefits from doing it. It's set the bar high for me, and made it clear I need to focus on removing myself from my business...