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  1. Phikey

    MEETUPS Sydney, Australia - Any fastlaners want to hang out?

    Hey guys, Any fastlaners in Sydney that want to hang out? I’m in the Inner West. Shoot me a message or let me know here. I’d love to meet some other go-getters and hang out. Cheers, Sam
  2. sideprojectors

    INTRO Hello from a Sydney-based developer, trying to break through!

    Hey everyone, It's nice to meet you all and finally join this forum! My name is Eric and I am from Sydney Australia. I am a developer and keen to learn all aspects of entrepreneurship & running your own business. I currently run a small website called SideProjectors - Sell, buy, show off your...
  3. T

    INTRO Exiting the Elite Sporting Slowlane

    Hi everyone, My name's Tom, 23 years old and have spent the last 3 years working in the elite sporting industry. I live in Sydney, Australia. I studied for 5 years, including a Masters degree (and a 100k student loan) to become a strength and conditioning coach. After interning for two years I...
  4. Caroleen M

    INTRO Hi everyone, film producer from Australia!

    Hi there, My name is Caroleen, and I am interested in the unscripted life! Always have been. I once had a fashion store and to be honest haven't held a "job" for 5 years now. I read both of MJ's books (actually listened to the audiobooks) and find them fascinating. I live in Australia and...

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