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  1. Guigreco

    Introduction! Hello community!

    @MJ DeMarco Hi community!! my name is Guido, born in Argentina and now living in Spain. Here my short story with the book, first of all, it helped me a lot. After reading more than 35 business book. Only this said the opposite finding on it, a big opportunity. I have been chasing money since I...
  2. Andy Black

    Storytelling (Chat Thread)

    Telling stories is something we could all do with getting better at, not just as business owners, but also as parents and even chatting to friends and family. List of podcasts, books, YouTube channels, blogs, people to follow, etc: Let me know and I'll update this opening post. Forum...
  3. TonyStark

    Books for becoming a better storyteller?

    I want to improve my writing as well as my storytelling. I recently purchased Dreyer’s English but that deals more with grammar and punctuation. What books would you recommend to improve my storytelling? I want to capture an audience’s attention more.
  4. Ksalazar

    Why I started a Commercial Cleaning Company after failing at two?

    I have always been an entrepreneur deep inside it really all started for me with Rich Dad Poor Dad when I was 19 Im 23 now and have had ups and downs in investing and business as Im sure most of you have had. I created two business that both failed and than moved into a serviced based cleaning...
  5. BigDaddyKane

    My process of selling a product online. Brand from the mind to reality.

    Ok let’s get started. I’ve been a member of this forum as far back as I can remember. High school in-fact (2011). And I’m happy to say that there's a reason I’m still here - the principles and frameworks I’ve learned here have molded me. Shoutout MJ. Now, there’s a dichotomy in me saying this...
  6. jpanarra

    Storytelling as an Entrepreneur

    Hey all, JP here.. I got a Story for you Once upon a time, there was a boy that was born without the ability to hear. His name was Jason, Jason was always an intelligent child but he had teachers, doctors, and other parents tell him he would not be able to go to college. Jason worked hard...
  7. M

    Finding Your Dream Clients - Youtube Pilot

    Hey guys, not sure if anyone remembers me around here. It's been awhile. Docu-series for freelancers, agency owners, and anyone in the creative biz. View: Also, a special challenge for those wanting to step up their content marketing game. Let me know if the...
  8. P

    Copywriting Video Course With Focus On Storytelling

    DISCLAIMER: I couldn't find an exact thread on this very idea, so opted to start a new thread. Every day I'm exposed to awful sales copy, copywriting and ads. I do feel the urge to really educate so many people the principles behind what I consider to be good copy. There are a lot of good...
  9. David11A

    David 24 yo Las Vegas (video included)

    Hey guys, I have a friend that recommended this forum and he said that there is a lot to learn here. I used to work in accounting after I graduated from college. I got a bachelors and a masters. After working, I hated it and moved across the country after quiting. Now I do Print-On-Demand...
  10. ejun88

    Hello from Malaysia....

    Hi Everyone, Just joined this forum a few days ago. I am a banker from a well known international bank located in Malaysia. Despite that I always feel like starting up a business especially after an unpleasant experience that I have 2 years ago, it finally pushes me to move forward. I still...
  11. AllenCrawley

    CHALLENGE: Join me in a little mental exercise.

    The Millionaire Fastlane has certainly changed many, many lives and Unscripted will undoubtedly affect much more. With storytellers (we’re all storytellers), authors and copywriters we can be loquacious (<- see?) in our writing. So I thought the following challenge would exercise our brains in...