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stock market investing

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  1. T

    HOT TOPIC Should I invest in stock market if I am trying to start a fastlane business?

    I remember MJ saying in The Millionaire Fastlane that every dollar you save is like a soldier in your army that fights for your independence. Then he also goes on to mention something about investing in the index and 7-8% growth rate (sorry if I am mixing things here). Given this, I am...
  2. Cancakir

    Stock Market Investing

    Hey fastlaners, investing 10 millions into the stock market would give us an annual return of 500k in dividends, correct? (At least in the way MJ is doing it). While listening to the audio book, I was asking myself, isn't 500k NOW worth LESS in 10-20 years? I mean why not live off the 10 million...
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