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  1. SD Entrepreneur

    EXECUTION CENTS Business and Idea Evaluator Spreadsheet

    What's up everyone? After reading and re-reading @MJ DeMarco's thread: The CENTS Business Commandments For Entrepreneurs I wanted to start analyzing some ideas of my own using the commandments. I created a CENTS Business and Idea Evaluator spreadsheet here. The purpose of CENTS is to improve...
  2. G

    CENTS Idea Valuation Spreadsheet (Google Sheets)

  3. GrandRub

    INTRO Finally I'm here... T Shirts... Ugh

    Hello from Germany! I know the forum already read from time to time. It's great to have a place where there is so much expertise and so little bullshit. "Earning money on the internet" is unfortunately a topic which Bullshit attracts extremely. Now I finally registered and want to introduce...
  4. Roland

    FREE tool for those who are making money online

    Hi guys, I have been networking with a lot of e-commerce store owners lately and last night one member of these groups posted a question about how to make a spreadsheet where he could compile his earnings from different platforms he is selling on. I had a moment so I offered to do it for him...

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