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small business advice

  1. T

    How Necessary is a Business Plan, Really?

    I am amidst the process of forming my first ever business legally and am stuck. I've read all Demarco's books and I've read and agreed with the times where he would not advocate for business plans saying that they're a waste of time and what not. But being a college student who has $400 to their...
  2. JJHemingway

    I have customers... how do I keep getting more?

    Hey everyone, let me start by giving some detail for context. I run a local IT service business by myself. All my work has been residential and although my income is tied to the work I do, I get incredible profit return for that work. Although this is not my ideal business model, the experience...
  3. Azaam Marikar

    Small Business Owner Problems!

    I am Azaam Marikar, a passionate entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in cross-functional operation management, SaaS, digital marketing, web development, and technology services. I would love to hear from Small Business Owners on the challenges they face running a business. :blush:
  4. S

    Do you see value in this service based business?

    Hi guys, Background - I have 10 years experience in the financial planning/advice industry and are a fully qualified financial planner. I am doing some research to find out if the following services would be useful to people. We would like to help the 99% of the population who either can't...
  5. Sayntsnsinners

    Tshirts, custom t-shirts, and transfers all in one

    So, I’m kind of revamping my shop I want to incorporate graphic tees using my sublimation printer, dtf printer, screen print, and htv, also give customers an option where they create a custom t and also sell transfers does anyone know a website that could accommodate me for all options? Big...
  6. msujoy

    How To Build An Online Presence From Nothing?

    By 2023, there will be 300 million online shoppers in the US alone. That makes 91% of the total population of the country. And, that’s why you need an online presence for your business. But, how to build an online presence for your business? There are so many online platforms and getting...
  7. NexlevelBiz

    Hello Fastlane Forum Members

    I run a business consulting practice that focuses on financial performance (aggressively improving your business) not just accounting for it. I focus and have a passion for supporting all things small business, startups, growing them, middle market and everything in between. I believe that small...
  8. Jeanne Gray

    Hello Everyone

    Hello everyone, i am new on this forum. Here to share some views about entrepreneurship and help others along the way