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  1. S

    Looking to break the employee mindset

    Do you remember the time when you didn't have to work a job? Maybe you're already in a part of your life where you wouldn't touch a job with a ten-foot-pole (congrats!) I'm currently do work a job and have since 2019, and I don't think it's awful, but sometimes I feel like I'm suffering...
  2. JoeTube

    Quitting SL job to speed up the business design and execution?

    Dear all, thank you in advance for all the incredibly useful and inspiring considerations and ideas I can find on this forum. Thanks to MJ for all he wrote and gave to us! After reading TMF and some of the threads (I am going to read also the other two MJ's books in the near future), I am...
  3. _LuisCarmona

    Slowlane exit debate

    Hi everyone, today I want to open a Debate about the work and ways to get out from the slowlane, but first, I want tell you an little history, my own history. (Some of context) In my previous post Told you that I'm an inmigrant, well I left my country 3 years ago, (without delving into...
  4. PizzaOnTheRoof

    Merging Into The Middle Lane: Best Industry For Sales Jobs?

    Thinking about diving into a sales job to gain sales skills. It’s not fastlane but it’s a step in the right direction compared to my job right now. What industries would you choose/avoid when it comes to sales? Any advice on how to make the most of the job? What should you look for when...