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  1. Ravens_Shadow

    O/T: FUNNY Build-A-Bear promotion + backfire. 8+ hour queues for teddy bears..

    Build-A-Bear runs a promotion where for July 12th, you can get a bear for the cost of your child's age. So you could buy a bear for your 3 year old for $3. Apparently the bears typically cost up to ~$50. Lines were getting to be so long, and presumably disorderly, that they had to end the...
  2. R

    How Do you deal with people?

    I am curious as to the different ways everyone deals with negative people. Mainly customers. I have noticed with some of my lower value offerings I always get a stampede of people that are rude, disrespectful, entitled and have no regard for others. Yet then they try to play the victim. It...
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