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self introducing


    My Journey

    I have worked as a Technical Cultural Mediator, A Private Tutor, I consider myself a self-taught Full-Stack Web Developer & Software Programmer. I have been teaching English language and Web Development and using the art of scientific thinking since 2015, integrating science and technology in...
  2. S

    21 age male need advice

    Im 21 years old and i have no idea what to do in life. Last 2 years i wasted my time in Technology Institute to study a course that i have no interest because my parents told me this course can learn good skill and make good money. Now i finally graduate from the Institute still have no interest...
  3. K

    Introducing Myself

    Hey guys, So I wanted to formally introduce myself to this forum as I've seen a few my age do the same. I'm currently 17 and I discovered the Millionaire fastlane I'd say just over a year ago. Prior to that I was following Instagram pages and reading books that promoted the typical get rich...
  4. PratLey

    I am happy to be part of this community

    I will introduce myself I am PratLey. Currently in BBA degree. Soon I am going to graduated but I don't want to trap in rat race so I decided to learn programming languages and to start freelance. My future goal is to build startup in virtually reality , augmented reality field. Happy to hear...
  5. H

    Hikmet Simsek, from Istanbul, living in Shenzhen-China.

    Hi All, First of all, l'm newbie in, if any mistakes on my creating thread at wrong place, Big Sorry. :) l'm an Entrepreneur, from Istanbul-Turkey, living in Shenzhen-China. My profession is 3d film and animation, designer, and doing trading, producing, branding, marketing...