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san diego

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  1. Dereklacrone

    INTRO Time + Desire San Diego

    Hi everyone. My name is Derek. I’ve had some entrepreneurial ventures, most were successful, one failed but I know why, I was chasing too many things at once. Right now I’m building a new business with a partner, and operate as an independent contractor and really feel like there is most to this...
  2. SD Entrepreneur

    INTRO San Diego in the House!

    Big fan of the forum (great work @MJ DeMarco), looking forward to interacting and providing value as I continue to grow and learn. About me: Husband, father to 2 daughters, business owner living in sunny San Diego... my journey quickly summarized: Graduated college Got a sales job and quickly...
  3. K

    INTRO On my way to the fastlane and my struggles with Seasonl Affective Disorder

    Hello everyone, my name's Karl. Currently I'm an ebayer buying car parts and reselling them. One of the biggest reasons I resonate with MJ Demarco is when he talked about his Seasonal Affection Disorder (S.A.D.). It gave me confirmation that I'm not lazy, I'm not weak, and I'm not just a low...
  4. RayAndré

    MEETUPS San Diego meetup anyone?

    I just saw some folks organize a New York meet up on here. Anyone in San Diego down to get together? When we get a group I'll pick a time and date.

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