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rich dad

  1. Kung Fu Steve

    RK vs. GC (Interesting "chat" about RE investing in today's market)

    I know both of these guys (RK less so)... they are both goofy as the day is long... but I trust Grant. He's a standup guy. I don't trust Robert. He's not. But I just thought this was an interesting listen. It really feels like the Kiyosakis keep going back to what worked in the past. Grant's...
  2. Jeff Noel

    More learning tools like RichDad's classic game ?

    Hey guys, My recent push to finish reading TMF book in a week made me challenge myself: read 1 book a week. My book for the week (while waiting to receive my Can't Hurt Me book) is Rich Dad Poor Dad. I'm already halfway through it. I've been playing the RichDad's Classic game online today and...
  3. MJ DeMarco

    Wait a sec, I thought all of us online people were idiots?

    Looks like RK finally jumped on the bandwagon, only about 14 years too late... Somewhat of an inside joke started by someone who was in the know... Not sure who it was, maybe @SteveO or @biophase or @andviv remembers.