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  1. MidwestLandlord

    NOTABLE! A Room Full of Opportunity (Follow up on the darn leads!)

    I have 2 stories to share. I think it's easy to get involved in the fastlane here, and start to lose sight of how most people in the world actually are, and hopefully you can realize that it isn't actually that hard to set yourself apart from most. It really just takes some legit effort and...
  2. AlexLegault

    EXECUTION From Fired to Cold Calling

    I figured it was time to give a little update for you guys that have been following me from my last thread (link below) RANT - This Is How Fast Your Boss Can Drop You So long story short, I met with a business owner of a digital marketing/web design start up. We met for an interview and it was...
  3. Michael Greene

    Accepting The Hard Parts?

    Hey guys, Why is that knowing you chose this path, and accepting that decision, doesn't make it any easier dealing with the hard parts? Like for me, I can understand that I chose to be in....sales for example, it was my decision and i take responsibility for it. But knowing that doesn't make...
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