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  1. Samy Bazizi

    Foreign Investment in Real Estate

    What would you if you had 100k, and would like to do a foreign real estate investment? I'd like to own a vacation rental and am looking at what countries would offer the best opportunities in term of ROI and growth. What do you think? Or should I just invest locally? (I live in Canada)
  2. Nelow

    Developer wants to take my house.

    Earlier this year my city sent my family a letter that they want to take my 3plex apartment away because it was not in use. In turn they will give it to a holding company that would then turn it over to a big developer interested in the block the house is in. He has already bought 80% of the...
  3. Nelow

    Third World to Worldwide

    Greetings All, I recently joined the forum and would like to share my story and how The Millionaire fastlane book filled in the blueprint to the life I have been striving for. The Start I was born(1995) in the island of (T&T), a third world country in the west indies. I grew up in a low...
  4. AstonMartinOne77

    To all Real Estate investors out there

    Hello fellow entrepreneurs, Considering that we are in a rising interest rates environment in the US and Canada, does it still make sense to start investing in real estate? is it worth to invest in real estate right now? Of course, you might say that lots of entrepreneurs have become...
  5. Franco100

    Training for Investing in Real Estate

    Hi, I wanted to know if there is an online business that gives advice on buying a property, renovating and seeing at a higher price. Let me explain, could it work, a consulting business for the speculative purchase of a real estate property? Give at the client all the advice online on how to...