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rat race escape

  1. lifemaker

    My Fastlane Journey, or a visual example of making and learning from mistakes, producing by compounding effort and making dreams alive.

    If you think this is another amazing story an executor/learning machine/hottie/millionaire/billionaire/Elon Musk/the new world leader, than you are very mistaken. Well, at least it isn't now when I am writing this post and it will only depend on me if story will be about a successful man, or a...
  2. NeoDialectic

    Peak Fulfillment - Life After Exiting The Rat Race

    Someone on the forums recently asked about daily life for those who successfully exited the rat race. I was going to point towards the recent Hobbies thread, but that's not quite the same answer. I haven't seen a thread about the daily life or mindset shifts that happen post-exit, so here it is...
  3. S. Arno

    Planning to escape the rat race, as a college student (help?)

    Hello Dear People, I know everyone here are aspiring entrepreneurs and trying their best to escape the rat race. And I recognize that time is the most precious resource. Therefore if you don't have some spare time, please just read the main question and help me out: Main question: I am a...
  4. Help Future You

    White Label Agency Model Connecting Local Businesses to Service Providers

    Hi All, I'll start off by saying I so appreciate the incredible value that so many of you deliver here on a daily basis as well as MJ's dedication to the Fastlane community. I am a long-time lurker firmly entrenched in the rat race at present time but fully aware of that fact that looking for...
  5. MJ DeMarco

    The Ultimate Checklist: A 99% Mindset VS a 1% Mindset

    I pulled this from my new book, The Great Rat Race Escape, namely from the Perseverance Strategy (#114). This chart truly embodies the entire Unscripted philosophy and Fastlane Entrepreneurship and what separates the 99% (rat-racers) from the 1% (scientific producers). While a lot of this is...
  6. A

    Despite all my rage... I am still just a Rat in a Cage

    I'm reading unscripted - the great rat race escape. It's so good.. I got goosebumps on my walk and thought to myself.. Even if I was a billionaire.. Discovering a book I love and walking in the woods / nature is what I would be doing this moment, there is nothing id rather be doing. That’s...