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problem solver

  1. Alex.Ra

    I need your help For my app, can someone reply ?

    INTRODUCTION: Currently, my friend and I are developing an app called Frizda, which will have a similar system as AirBNB. There will be Frizda normal where regular households will be able to filter the best businesses (I won’t name the precise business type for evident reasons) around them...
  2. J

    I WANT to know your thoughts on these solutions for this Fastlane problem (hair salons)

    Hey Fastlaners, So I recently came across a very valuable post by the user MTF talking about how to get infinite fastlane ideas through problems. Part of his strategy is e-mailing business owners and asking them formally about their biggest struggles with running their businesses. I sent around...
  3. A

    Lurker for 2 years. Switching the strategy.

    Hey, I'm Artiom. I've been a lurker here for some time. Through the past 2 years, I've been consuming a lot of posts, but still haven't produced anything reasonable. After so much action-faking, I realized that now is the best time to commit with a progress thread. My old strategy didn't work...
  4. P

    Painful problems to solve

    To start a sustainable business an entrepreneur should find a painful problem, develop the best solution to the problem and offer this solution in a form of a product/service. Below are listed some problems to think about. Problem 1 Rich and busy people have money but do not have enough free...
  5. Andy Daniels

    Let the value train roll on!

    I hope I'm not overstepping here @MustImprove , but your post is so brilliant I wanted to create a brand extension of the GOLD thread which you can find here. I just wanted to poll the great people of this forum and ask: what sort of problems have you solved for others? How did you become the...
  6. M

    Where and what type of company

    Hey, I am new to entrepreneurship and this thing. 1. I have a business model or idea in mind, and I would like to set up a company or a service based on it, I am just totally clueless how to do it and what to do. (I heard about Uk Ltd-brexit worries, i am european-european company?) 2. I dont...
  7. J

    Want to use code to solve problems.

    I had joined this forum a couple years ago after reading Millionaire fast lane and did some hard "action faking" for a little bit, got frustrated because I had saw no results, and then left. I'm basically in the same place I was before. Stuck in a slow lane job, in what I believe is a dying...