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problem solver

  1. Andy Daniels

    Let the value train roll on!

    I hope I'm not overstepping here @MustImprove , but your post is so brilliant I wanted to create a brand extension of the GOLD thread which you can find here. I just wanted to poll the great people of this forum and ask: what sort of problems have you solved for others? How did you become the...
  2. M

    Where and what type of company

    Hey, I am new to entrepreneurship and this thing. 1. I have a business model or idea in mind, and I would like to set up a company or a service based on it, I am just totally clueless how to do it and what to do. (I heard about Uk Ltd-brexit worries, i am european-european company?) 2. I dont...
  3. J

    INTRO Want to use code to solve problems.

    I had joined this forum a couple years ago after reading Millionaire fast lane and did some hard "action faking" for a little bit, got frustrated because I had saw no results, and then left. I'm basically in the same place I was before. Stuck in a slow lane job, in what I believe is a dying...
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