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  1. E

    I Need Advice: Has Anyone Here Own a Salon or Barbershop?

    Has Anyone Here Own a Salon or Barbershop? Im thinking about purchasing my first one, only "hurdle" is I dont cut hair so I wouldnt be able to hold down a booth if a barber goes missing. My local barbershop is for sale by the owner for a low price of 14k. You can pay for 10K upfront and...
  2. B

    The Best Set and Forget Business/Investments over long term?

    Question: I'm looking for your opinion on safe ,long term ,set and forget businesses that require little to no 'care taking', are 'easy' to setup and preferably have a quick ROI. Money to spend: 1-3 Million+ USD what comes into my mind is something like solar farms (if they...
  3. Ramius

    EXECUTION Everything changes this year

    Update #1: 23/01/18 - New project added! This was my first post here at the forum: After I posted this, I began looking at what I was doing to really push for passive income. I do understand that my present responsibilities require me to get up and run our eBay business (with my wife), and I...
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