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pain points

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  1. W

    INTRO What's your number 1 biggest challenge?

    New to this forum and wanted to know what the number 1 biggest challenge is that you currently face as an entrepreneur? Please avoid general answers like more time or money. I'd like to know what specifically is giving you the most problems (such as paid ads, market, traffic, offer, conversions...
  2. M

    INTRO Hi, Glad to be a part of this forum

    Hi I would like pose the following question. " What are the pain points for a B2B CEO/Executive in the current climate and what would be the solution to their pain?"
  3. A way of life

    Having difficulties finding problems on Twitter

    I have been having difficulties finding problems on Twitter when using #Ihate ,#Imtiredof etc and searching for "Why is this like this? , "I wish there was" etc. Anyone that has used Twitter to find problems got any ideas on how I could search better for better results.
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