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  1. A

    Is there a Need for My Product

    My idea is to modify the electromagnetic breaks on roller coasters to work on cars and trucks. My question is this: how should I test the need for this product? I know that people will say an idea "is great" when you ask them, but when actual money is involved that's when people tell you what...
  2. O

    INTRO The perv from a third world

    So how am i a perv? What if i i told you that i had about 10001 motivational pictures on my smart phone(geerout ) no seriously. Thank goodness some one woke me the fu*ck up. any ways that was so last year. My name? velentine, were i come from ? .....wait for it. ... Nigeria. i know i know it a...
  3. KingCarbo

    INTRO I'm 22 and trying to answer a very important question

    Hey, My name is Davis. I'm an aspiring entrepreneur. Just a little background on me I'm from Atlanta, I love business, and I've been developing myself seriously for a few years now. I feel like I'm more of an artist than an Entrepreneur at times, meaning I love creating and making new things...
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