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  1. M


    Hello My name is Maurizio. I just finished The Millionaire Fastlane and wanted to join the forum. I have a five month old business. I supply and install exterior railings. It’s great to be around like minded people. Thank you for accepting me into this forum.
  2. U

    Looking forward in the fastlane

    After reading TMF and the unscripted(S), it changed my perspective about success so I burned my college diploma to pursue unscripted life and freedom. No backdown.
  3. mikel_ma

    New to the Forum

    The millionaire fastlane was the first book that really resonated so deeply with me that it almost moved me to tears. Like I was searching for something a really long time and ultimately finding it. Knowing that accumulating the knowledge about the fastlane is only the first step on my journey...
  4. M

    Make It. Work!

    Was made aware that am on a Slowlaner’s path when I read The Millionaire Fastlane. Though I know that what I’ve been through and still is (small business and investments) may not be Fastlane, but still, the experience I get from doing it have contributed a lot on how I look and decide on things...
  5. Umer.Khalid

    Foreigner living in GCC (Bahrain)

    Hello, everyone. MJ, @MJ DeMarco thanks for giving me the privilege to join the fastlaneforum My name is Umer Khalid, and I am 27-year old electrical engineer working with the military of Bahrain. Although I'm not a citizen, but I've been living in Bahrain for the past 21 years. Originally...
  6. C


    Hello everyone! My name is Cary Hart. I just started TMF book. Love it so far! Ex tied to be part of this entrepreneurial community!
  7. K

    Introducing Myself

    Hey! My name is kewen I’m 19. young I know XD. I first read the millionaire fastlane when I was 17. I decided I wanted my life to change. Well.. A couple bad decisions later some depression and confusion on why life should even matter nothing has changed…. I don’t blame the world I ultimately...
  8. M

    MY " USP" unique selling proposal ( PUV is the italian term from the Book " The Milionaire Fastlane")

    Hi all, I would like advice for a winning unique selling proposal ( PUV is the Italian term from the book " The millionaire fastlane") for my flooring business : My product is SPC, which stands for Stone Plastic (or Polymer) Composite, features a core that is typically comprised of around 60%...
  9. F

    Never too late to start

    Hi everyone I'm a newbie here,a lady from Nigeria and a fresh school graduate who have always had this entrepreneurship side of hers but doesn't know how to fully go about it. A good friend of mine suggested the book 'Millionaire Fastlane' which I'm almost done with. The book is a really...
  10. M


    Hello everyone , I introduce myself, my name is Maged Akhdar and I am 22 years old. I join you today in order to accompany me with advantageous advice which goes in the direction of my objectives; I decided to "turn my back on the stinking winds". I'm still looking for this idea of a business...
  11. H


    Hi hope everyone is well, I looking forward to see how this forum can help and guide my way to finacal freedom. We all have our reasons to be on here, I have searched along time to find the way to start my own business since the age of 17 I have been working on different projects many failed...
  12. Z

    According to this forum is making between $1M-$5M. Is that correct?

    This is a huge amount of money and I am curious if this is true.
  13. _firelxrd

    Let’s take this one step at a time!

    Hey everyone, Nelson here and I’m 17, turning 18 next month and I stay in South Africa. I came here for change and so I could get some tailwinds on my Fastlane journey. It’s not gonna be easy with all the normal people who think I’m just being unrealistic by wanting freedom and to change my life...
  14. P

    Introduction (Pat NYC)

    Hi, I'm Pat from NYC, migrated to this country 5 years ago to make a name for myself and live the American Dream. My bread n butter is in sales, my first 3 years in the profession was miserable failure until I was able to find a mentor to help me find my niche and sell efficiently and...
  15. AntonioSquillax

    I read The Millionaire Fastlane

    Ciao a tutti, è passato molto tempo ormai che, esattamente 4 anni, ho deciso di osare una svolta alla mia vita, lasciando l'Italia con uno zaino e 2000€ e cercando di trovare il modo giusto per vedere quanto valgo e dove posso ottenere . Mi sono fermata in Germania, ho trovato lavoro come...
  16. C

    A newbie

    Hello, everyone. My name is Itoe Rene Chima. I'm a secondary school teacher in Douala, Littoral Region, Cameroon. I'm glad to be here. I grew up with the slowlane mentality. I fact, I've had the slowlane mentality until I started reading The Millionaire Fastlane (I'm still reading it and I...

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