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  1. D

    I am New here

    Hi everyone, it's my pleasure to here to be enhance more on entrepreneurial journey with the like mind. My name is @Digital.value
  2. Y

    Please, Take Time To Welcome Me

    Hello Guys, My name is Tunde Daniel from Africa, I came about this forum while reading The Fastlane Millionaire book. I am here to connect and build relationship with great minds. I will also be looking for tips and fastlane ideas that I can run with in building a passive income. Gracia
  3. P

    The best thing!

    Walking through life thinking that only a few are oppotuned for great things is depressing. But, getting a grasp of The millionaire fastlane and reading through, changed the mentality. I look forward to a splendid ride through life with the knowledge garnered and more to know. It feels great...
  4. basuragone

    So many (healthcare) problems, so little time

    I came from and lived in some of most urban, expensive cities in the world, surrounded by script followers who rarely look up to chat. I do not have any friend or family member who is an entrepreneur. I am here to form my own tribe, contribute what I can, and learn as I chart my own...
  5. T

    Question on Industry multiplier

    So, lately I was reading the millionaire fastlane and came accross the industry multiplier. After reading and searching a am confused about the industry multiplier about what it is, how it works and it's difference from the investment multiplier. I am just a 16 year old teen and can someone...
  6. Danny254

    Unscripted follower

    Hello fastlane community, I'm Daniel from Kenya and I have read unscripted. I'm encountering a problem to think of a fastlane idea anyone who can help?
  7. Aarish

    Thanks MJ Demarco

    After understanding value skew concept now I can figure out so many business idea. Thanks to sir mj demarco. you don't have to reinvent the wheel but you have to improve the wheel
  8. R

    How can I proceed?

    Hello everyone. I'm Roosevelt Chingwalu from Malawi. I am a computer scientist by choice. I've spent about 4 years researching ways in which I could use my skills to solve problems, other than keeping my job in which much of my skills are not needed. I've read a great deal of books in finance...
  9. S

    a little bit in fog

    Hi guys, i would like to ask nicely a important question and i hope i will get an answer. My bussines concept has limited supply but i have 0 concurrence. I am the only one who will provide this service in a city of 350k people. Im still working at my website , still not done, but i feel confuse...
  10. Hassan90

    Any advice please?

    "The difficulty is the opportunity"_ @MJ DeMarco . I really need your advice Fastlane Forum Members. I recently discovered an unmet need in my country: Nigeria. Nigeria was placed second in the global malnutrition burden with 17 million undernourished children. An estimated 2 million children...
  11. Hassan90

    @MJDemarco, please.

    Greetings MJ DeMarco, and The Fastlane Forum Members. Wholeheartedly, I am delighted to tell you MJ that your books have reignited, and infused a new life in my nearly-dead soul. There are no words that can express how I feel after reading your books, but, all i can say is thank you. In your...
  12. Fastlane_boy

    I am From India 24 year old Stuck in life Need Advice

    Hey hi Fastlaner's I am piyush 24 year undergrad , I am single person no mom-dad, living In my sisters house. Have hunger to become millionaire , and willingness to learn, fail, get punched on face. I learnt spoting patterns of thumbnails and video topics which gets lots of views on YouTube...
  13. M


    Hello My name is Maurizio. I just finished The Millionaire Fastlane and wanted to join the forum. I have a five month old business. I supply and install exterior railings. It’s great to be around like minded people. Thank you for accepting me into this forum.
  14. U

    Looking forward in the fastlane

    After reading TMF and the unscripted(S), it changed my perspective about success so I burned my college diploma to pursue unscripted life and freedom. No backdown.
  15. mikel_ma

    New to the Forum

    The millionaire fastlane was the first book that really resonated so deeply with me that it almost moved me to tears. Like I was searching for something a really long time and ultimately finding it. Knowing that accumulating the knowledge about the fastlane is only the first step on my journey...
  16. M

    Make It. Work!

    Was made aware that am on a Slowlaner’s path when I read The Millionaire Fastlane. Though I know that what I’ve been through and still is (small business and investments) may not be Fastlane, but still, the experience I get from doing it have contributed a lot on how I look and decide on things...
  17. Umer.Khalid

    Foreigner living in GCC (Bahrain)

    Hello, everyone. MJ, @MJ DeMarco thanks for giving me the privilege to join the fastlaneforum My name is Umer Khalid, and I am 27-year old electrical engineer working with the military of Bahrain. Although I'm not a citizen, but I've been living in Bahrain for the past 21 years. Originally...
  18. C


    Hello everyone! My name is Cary Hart. I just started TMF book. Love it so far! Ex tied to be part of this entrepreneurial community!
  19. K

    Introducing Myself

    Hey! My name is kewen I’m 19. young I know XD. I first read the millionaire fastlane when I was 17. I decided I wanted my life to change. Well.. A couple bad decisions later some depression and confusion on why life should even matter nothing has changed…. I don’t blame the world I ultimately...
  20. M

    MY " USP" unique selling proposal ( PUV is the italian term from the Book " The Milionaire Fastlane")

    Hi all, I would like advice for a winning unique selling proposal ( PUV is the Italian term from the book " The millionaire fastlane") for my flooring business : My product is SPC, which stands for Stone Plastic (or Polymer) Composite, features a core that is typically comprised of around 60%...