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  1. sara_hca

    INTRO Hello

    HELLO EVERYBODY!!! I'm honored to be part of this forum. I'm Sara from Barcelona, Spain, and I'm excited to start this new road trip, the Fastlane.
  2. N

    INTRO This is Niels, looking forward to engage in this community.

    Dear amazing people of the Fastlane Forum, I am Niels, writing to you out of West Japan. During high-school graduation I tought myself Japanese, learned the 2000 characters necessary to read a Japanese newspaper, graduated university with the goal to live here and get a job. Because Japan can...
  3. Fiza Hanif

    INTRO Hi, I'm Fiza!

    Hey! I'm Fiza Hanif. I 'm new to this forum. I've joined this forum because I really loved The Millionaire Fastlane (recommended by a friend). I'm very curious about the successful entrepreneurial mindset. Looking forward to learning new things from this forum to implement them into my...
  4. M

    INTRO I eat shi* everyday.

    Not really..but it’s my goal. Let me explain. My husband and I own a restaurant chain and I’m the online brand reputation manager for our companies. Every complaint, nag, and criticism we receive goes directly to my inbox. I read and see everyone of them. From yelp to google to facebook and...
  5. A


    Hi there! just sign up onto the community i hv been waiting to to join. my name is ALFRED i am a very young soldier with the Ghana military Police, my search for freedom from scripted life, a life living from paycheck to paycheck lead me to the discovery of mfl and to this forum i realy need...
  6. S

    INTRO How i could have solved two NEEDs but blew it with procrastination.

    Hey Fastlane! I'm someone. Allow me to introduce myself. Im 20, from Germany (please excuse my english) and soon going to attend College. I grew up relatively poor (financial- and socialwise). I always knew money would only make me to a certain degree happy, which fueled my fear of forcing...
  7. K

    INTRO Hello TMF people, this is my introduction

    Hello all fellow fastliners or people willing to be them! I've almost finished the book now, thanks heaps to MJ DeMarco, this is indeed eye-opening book I wish I could read in my 17-18 y.o. Now I am already in my 40s, I live in Brisbane, Australia, but this is not my native country and I had to...
  8. S

    INTRO Newbie Killing it in the slow lane!

    Hi Everyone! MY name is Zack and this is my intro. I am a Dentist and I have owned my practice out right for about 5 years now (was a partner in it for 6 years prior then bought my partner out). I am married with 2 young boys ages 10 and 5. So when I officially took over the reigns of the...
  9. CaliforniaCPA

    INTRO From broke > military > real estate > broke > consultant

    I started out my adult life by joining the US Army. I wanted adventure, to leave my small town, learn something new and, pragmatically, to get college paid for and not be in debt. I think I knew pretty early on that I didn't want to do things like most people. After the Army, I went to college...
  10. Dane Smith 124

    INTRO Hi everyone!!

    I am currently a 3rd-year Chemical Engineering student. Why did I choose to study this? I did a Google search of: "highest paying jobs" when I was in high school, and chemical engineering seemed the most palatable of those on the list *facepalm*. A few years passed and I realized that none of...
  11. T

    INTRO Hi!

    Hi all! I read millionaire fastlane and it really spoke to me so I had to join the forum. I wish I could share my success story but unfortunately I have none; yet... I am still employed; 9-5 Monday to Friday but looking to change that. Hopefully its not too late for me ...
  12. Mexican Value

    INTRO Already read TMFL and Unscrited twice now I’m here to share support and value with all of you.

    My real name is Juan José, I’m 22 YO and I live in Guadalajara México. I was raised in an enterpreneurs family, I have always lived with money commodities: Good school, toys, a car, travel through the world. All thanks to my parents’ money, the problem is that living with such abundance without...
  13. R

    INTRO I have not been part of a forum before.

    Not sure how this works. Trying something new is a step towards a new future?!?
  14. drumworx

    INTRO Aspiring Value Creator exiting the Slowlane

    Hi all - my first post! I'm currently doing the 9-5 grind working an international assignment for one of the most interesting and dynamic FMCG companies on the planet. I've been with them 6.5 years and working 9-5 12 years. I'm South African but currently find myself in Sao Paulo, Brazil - with...
  15. E

    INTRO Intro

    Hello... My name is Enameguonor and I'm from Nigeria. Early this month, a friend suggested l read The fast lane millionaire. After thoroughly reading it, l can boldly say, it's one of the best decision l took this month. The fast lane millionaire gave me Clarity!!!!! The thing is, I've been...

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