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minimum viable product

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  1. NicholasCato

    When and how should I create a minimum viable product?

    so to get straight to it, I have this idea for an educational product and after talking to someone with 8 years in the industry, I was told there’s definitely a place for my product. The thing is, I know even a minimum viable product could take thousands of dollars and at least a year in a half...
  2. P

    Find Trustworthy Developers to Build Your MVP Without Risking Money $$

    Do you have an idea for an application? Problem: you don't know how to code, and neither do you have thousands of dollars to hire a developer. Even if you DID have the money to hire a developer, you don't know how to find one that is trustworthy. The risk of losing all your money is real...
  3. luniac

    RANT MVP creation is the ONLY justification for learning non passion skills!

    I'm removing leaderboards from my game apps. Implementing them took 6 months of my life and almost drove me mad, yet they add absolutely nothing to the core of my game. Leaderboards don't make a bad game good. A good game makes a game good. Instead of wasting my time and sanity implementing...

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