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  1. Madman1996

    Motivation form a Guy who still gives me goosebumps

    View: Greg Plitt truly was one of a guy enjoy fastlaners make it a great day!
  2. ZCP

    HOT TOPIC So I learned how to ride a bike this weekend

    I'm not young. Not in grade school. This weekend, I rode a bike for the first time. Growing up, I lived on a gravel road in the country with no one to go see. By the time another kid moved into the area and the road got paved, I had a go-cart. It was faster and more fun. In this, I never...
  3. ZCP

    Is $50k too much?

    Prompted by another thread [/USER] :) Is $50k too much money? Too many times I hear ...... that's too much! .... but i don't have that much. .... if i only had that much ...... Change your mindset. Build a plan to go get whatever it is that is holding you back! Might be knowledge. Might be...

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