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  1. kennethdaniel555

    The Fastlane Mindset

    The Fastlane Mindset is what the world needs now in this pressing time. Climate change calls for creative mind to fimd solutions to it's problem.
  2. M

    Found a way to get involved in the market.

    I just had an idea on a good way to get myself started and involved in the market. @MJ DeMarco Talks about just getting yourself involved in the market even if it's just in a small way like making and selling a cat condo on craigslist. So that got me thinking. I've got a lot of "junk" in my...
  3. Woosah

    Debunk Money and Success Myths and Thrive in the Fastlane

    Wired for Success Practical Philosophies to Master Entrepreneurship & Live Life on Your Terms Modern culture today idolizes entrepreneurship yet disregards entrepreneurial values, creating many myths around money, freedom, and success. This makes things considerably harder for those who want...
  4. Black_Dragon43

    Two Different Mindsets For Peak Performance

    I’ve noticed that in business and in life, peak performers tend to align with one of the two mindsets. Either they’re the “GO HARD” type who will do whatever it takes through sheer willpower, often motivated by anger and negativity, or the more “SPIRITUAL” (for lack of a better word) type that...
  5. Madman1996

    Motivation form a Guy who still gives me goosebumps

    View: Greg Plitt truly was one of a guy enjoy fastlaners make it a great day!
  6. ZCP

    So I learned how to ride a bike this weekend

    I'm not young. Not in grade school. This weekend, I rode a bike for the first time. Growing up, I lived on a gravel road in the country with no one to go see. By the time another kid moved into the area and the road got paved, I had a go-cart. It was faster and more fun. In this, I never...
  7. ZCP

    Is $50k too much?

    Prompted by another thread [/USER] :) Is $50k too much money? Too many times I hear ...... that's too much! .... but i don't have that much. .... if i only had that much ...... Change your mindset. Build a plan to go get whatever it is that is holding you back! Might be knowledge. Might be...