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  1. C

    I'll leave this meme here that shows how badass entrepreneurs were back in the day (and still are)

    A great meme I found on LinkedIn. Where do you think that entitlement or that mentality that today's entrepreneurs have come from? Is it the amount of competitors which make entrepreneurs take baby steps because they are not motivated enough? Or is it just a common issue younger people have...
  2. missinfinity98

    Let's share our fav memes!

    I can't believe there is no thread like this... Let's share and create memes we can relate to and laugh about! ^^ I'll start:
  3. MJ DeMarco

    Unscripted Wisdom, Beliefs, Memes, More!

    Follow me on Instagram here: MJ DeMarco (@mj.demarco) • Instagram photos and videos I figured I would create an ongoing thread here at Fastlane of the memes/wisdom that I've been posting over on Instagram. I should be sharing content here FIRST, then over there SECOND. (Duh) Feel free to...