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  1. Leech

    How do I enter a competitive Establsihed Market

    Location : Germany Ive got a few Problems. First of all. Im trying to sell Unbranded OEM Quality Car Parts to Mechanic shops, but i dont really know how to efficiently enter the Market I get My parts for a really cheap Price which helps me to Compete with the Big Companies. but I dont...
  2. Leech

    On the Onramp trying to reach the fastlane

    Hey My Name is Leech im from Germany im 20 years old i have no highschool degree and a little bit of Money. 3 weeks ago i started working two Jobs to earn a little bit of Money. I work nightshifts at an Amazon Warehouse and during the Day i deliver Pizzas. last Week i ordered the Millionaire...
  3. Seth G.

    Question: Sale Closing

    I'll be hitting the phones starting next week and I wanted to know the mechanical process for getting paid on a sale closure. There's a lot of info and I'm curious what has worked for you and what pitfalls to avoid Say I'm selling widget X as the manufacturer to Customer Y. Customer Y is...