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  1. neyos

    MBA or Machine Learning Degree

    Hi All Not sure if that is the right place. If not, please let me know. but here is my question. One of the first thing I learn when starting investing is to always invest in yourself. So to invest in myself, I currently have two possibles path: MBA : I do a master degree paid in full by my...
  2. ericaung

    Anyone taken "Power MBA" course?

    Hello guys, anyone taken this course below? Seem like price is affordable at 1K USD which compared to the US universities MBA programs. The Lean Startup author and other high profile people got featured. Is it legit ?
  3. MaximkaStar

    BOOK What do you think about Personal MBA book?

    Hello, guys. I want to read your opinion about Personal MBA, a book that Josh Kaufman wrote.
  4. Manchild_Unbound

    How to Recreate an Elite Ivy-League MBA Education at Home

    The other day I was on Google searching around for an "MBA Curriculum" mostly out of curiosity and I came across The owner of the website took it upon himself to recreate the first year required curriculum of Harvard Business School. This is what it looks like: He would do...
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