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  1. AlessioLC

    Real Estate Agent - MLM Model

    Hi Fastlaners, I was wondering what's your thought on the MLM based model for Real Estate, used by Keller Williams and many others.. ? I mean, can we trust this type of businesses specially in this industry ? Can we trust this business model in itself ? I've met 2x Team leaders just in order...
  2. P

    VC Interested in my idea, but no clue how to monetize

    I'm getting ready to launch a company called Shopfluential (it is still being built) and was hoping to get your brutally honest feedback and criticism. The site ranks people on their influence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube from 0 to 10 and gives them a one time use discount codes...
  3. Perry

    Niche product and marketing network

    Hi, power minds! About a year ago I started a video production studio for hairdressing industry, We record and edit videos featuring the best hair artist from Europe, then the videos are translated into 5 languages giving us reach of 34 countries. All the videos will be available from our...

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