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  1. jesseissorude

    INTRO Re-intro: Laid off. Side "business" is a mess. Scaling back up from 0

    Hey all! I've been lurking a lot more and figured I'd re-introduce myself. Title says it all. I neglected the business I started in 2013 because I found a steady contract with a fun, exciting tech startup. Awesome benefits, I worked from home, they flew us to other countries just to party...
  2. J

    Zenefits lays off 45% of it's staff

    This is a company that was once "valued" at 4.5B and now, just like that 430 people are out of a job. This is why I pursue fastlane, putting your livelihood into the hands of a single business just isn't a smart move Zenefits went from a $4.5 billion valuation to massive layoffs in less than...

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