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  1. wyattnorton

    Flips, Real Estate, & Landscaping... You gotta Johnny Hustle baby!!

    I am going to post a quick little update on what I've been hustling around doing. Real Estate: Bought 2 flip houses, both for a total of $30k. Been busting a$$ trying to get some people out there to start working on the place. Where these two houses are the people are either jacked busy for 2-3...
  2. Michael Burgess

    Michael's Progress Thread: three businesses?!?

    Hey everyone! Long time (mostly) lurker here, and by request of @Ronak and @ecommercewolf I've decided to start up a thread dedicated to my business progress. I'll do my best to summarize close to a decade of business and life progress in a relatively short period of time, haha. Warning: it's...
  3. Johnny boy

    Starting (and Fastlaning) a lawn care service business

    GOLD! HOT! 
    21 and currently selling cars at the moment. I’ve got some money to throw at something. I just bought a used trailer and have some lawn equipment. Got a pro website, branding, and I have decent copywriting skills for posting ads. Started with craigslist, Google AdWords and I’m on yelp and...