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landing page feedback

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  1. Chris McCarron

    WEB SCHOOL This landing page is converting like crazy and here's why

    Hi folks, a client needed my help with a complete redesign of their website. So, I got to work on a landing page and they're now getting a conversion rate of over 30% (visitors going to their contact page to request pricing). I'm very excited for them and they're now getting ready to send paid...
  2. HandcuffedLawyer

    Validation for Peer-to-Peer Marketplace

    Greetings from Fountain Hills, Arizona. I can confirm that both of MJ’s claims from Unscripted are true: (1) it is very sunny; and (2) the average age is 92. I finally got my wife to read the books, we’ve come up with a business idea, and now we're trying to come up with a sensible way to...
  3. W

    WEB SCHOOL Sales copy and general design/usability feedback for a web design landing page.

    Hi all, This is my first post, so please be gentle. :) I'd like to get some feedback please on my main landing page, for my digital agency/web design company. Previously it was a lot more flashy and longer (and more confusing). I've just re-designed it to (hopefully) be much simpler and...
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