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job security

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  1. Chris McCarron

    Are you ready to adapt?

    I meet a lot of people in business who aren't prepared to adapt to where their industry is headed or to what their ideal customer really wants. Inevitably those same companies often go out of business and/or suffers a huge reduction in that amount of revenue that it can produce. Similarly...
  2. drumworx

    INTRO Aspiring Value Creator exiting the Slowlane

    Hi all - my first post! I'm currently doing the 9-5 grind working an international assignment for one of the most interesting and dynamic FMCG companies on the planet. I've been with them 6.5 years and working 9-5 12 years. I'm South African but currently find myself in Sao Paulo, Brazil - with...
  3. rsj

    Job security is BS just learned it the hard way

    So a little over a year ago I started working as a software development intern and a few months down the line I was promoted to jr software developer. Today I went in and asked for a salary adjustment because I was getting paid almost 50% less than the median pay for someone with my equivalent...
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