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  1. P

    HOT TOPIC Where can I find Investors for this project idea?

    I was seeking film investors but since I'm a new but experienced filmmaker, I suppose that disqualifies me from ever being able to get a feature film funded and made.
  2. B

    The Best Set and Forget Business/Investments over long term?

    Question: I'm looking for your opinion on safe ,long term ,set and forget businesses that require little to no 'care taking', are 'easy' to setup and preferably have a quick ROI. Money to spend: 1-3 Million+ USD what comes into my mind is something like solar farms (if they...
  3. dimraj

    Getting into property (Help with the learning process)

    Hey guys, i have been a lurker on this forum for a little while, i have recently read the fastlane book. A little bit about me, i am a 23 year old living in England UK. I worked in a slowlane job until about 6 months ago when i quit to go back to university for my masters degree. I managed to...
  4. Sterling

    How hard is your money working for you?

    Just like the title says... Out of curiosity how hard IS your money working for you? Are you parked in investments with little management? what percentages are you currently making? Cheers! Happy New Year :) Current book: James Allen - As a Man Thinketh
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