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interview questions

  1. shneebz

    First day as an entrepreneur in training + some example interview questions you can use

    Hello, apologies if this isn't the right forum area to post this. After reading some threads on here, I decided to start investigating potential problems and opportunities within a niche industry (no business idea yet). Sharing for my own accountability and to share some things that might be...
  2. Om1chael

    Rate my interview questions

    Hey guys, first time poster here. So, im basically starting to take action however, I don't have any ideas. To counter this I'm going to interview strangers (mainly students) about their issues: Could you guys rate my questions for me? (I took inspiration from start from zero)...
  3. R

    Building a Sales Team with Zero Experience

    Hey Fastlane Forum, I'm building a web development agency (cliche, yes I know) with the goal of earning $52k/yr. Why such a low number? Well, my real drive is to create startups that build world-changing technology. After a couple years of pursuing this, I began seeing a vicious cycle: I...
  4. E

    What questions are they likely to ask me before I hire them?

    Hello everyone, I currently have 2 potential employees who can acquire clients for my agency. I am yet to interview them tomorrow. What questions are they likely to ask me before I hire them? Thank you in advance! :)

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