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indie game development

  1. S

    Indie Game Developer, How Can I Make Something People Want?

    I'm 16 and had about 2 years of game development experience. I've been looking into business and fastlane entrepreneurship for a while now and originally ruled out game development, but decided I want to give releasing a game a shot. My concern is that I don't want to spend months developing a...
  2. ScreamingClown


    Hey, my name is Thornhill, and I've decided to join the forum to find people with a similar passion for entrepreneurship as myself that I can share views and bounce ideas off of. I graduated high school a couple years ago and have been working tolerable dead end jobs making coffee ever since...
  3. duarf

    17 year old entrepreneur

    Hello I am a 17 year old entrepreneur I have previously made other businesses in indie games and in making YouTube channels