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  1. CoolBeans

    INTRO Trying to unshackle these chains

    Hey, I’ve been lurking on this forum for a while and since it was my 20th birthday recently, I decided to give an intro. My name is Nkululeko; most people just call me NK for short. I live in South Africa (no we don’t ride elephants to work lol). I was born in a place called Durban, you guys...
  2. Aaron Strack

    INTRO Soon to be college dropout ??!??

    Hey there everyone! I guess ill start with some information about myself and how I landed myself here. I am currently 21 years old from Houston, Texas attending college in New York City. Houston to New York is a huge move i know, but i came here to hopefully "make it big" in the entertainment...
  3. Jorotyn

    INTRO Time to escape the rat race!

    Hi fastlaners! It's time to escape the rat race. <--- This is me (my avatar). I'm 23, living in Melbourne Australia, working full time (7am - 4pm, plus commute, Mon-Fri, min wage) in a job that leaves me with roughly $1000 left over after expesnes each month to invest in business...
  4. C

    INTRO New Here :) I'm broke and ready to hustle

    Hello everybody! I'm a broke 26 year old who lives with his parents. I got a lot of time on my hands and no job, so I decided to join this forum and learn as much as I can. A little back story... I graduated with a degree in Management Information Systems at the end of 2014. Found out my Mom...
  5. R

    INTRO Young and determined

    I am a 17 year old kid that that has grown up surrounded by self made successful adults. Nothing is or ever will be given to me, I earn and hustle for anything I want. My goal is to financially surpass my stepdad who has a fortunate business of his own, seeing him live his life as he wants...

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