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  1. diece

    EXECUTION Building A Business To Fund My Dream Of Playing Pro Golf

    Alright, hows it going guys? I'm Diece and welcome to my Execution thread. So let's cut the crap. What do I want to achieve? Move to British Columbia (I need about 5k for this and currently live at home) Making 4kish a month New car (as much as I'd love a BMW, I think I need something...
  2. B

    Advice on a golf instruction business.....

    - I had an account here for quite a few years but can’t remeber my login info. I was an insider for one year. - little about me...25 years old been playing golf since I was a child. I am a plus handicap......I know the golf swing inside and out. I’ve read all the books watched hours and hours...
  3. Evil_Jester

    Stepping away from Internet Marketing and playing golf

    I miss the game of golf. I used to have a passion for it in high-school. Now I'm going to bring that passion back. I don't know what I want from it yet, but I'm going to join leagues, meet a ton of older and wiser people, and give value by teaching other people for free (I still got it :cool:)...

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