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gary vaynerchuk

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  1. ecommercewolf


    This is a serious question since I have never been to a business conference or keynote... Have any of the Fastlaners in here got any value from a keynote or conference through networking? The reason I ask is that there is an Aubrey Marcus & Gary Vee keynote in Austin, TX tomorrow night (only...
  2. L

    HOT TOPIC I hated the book " The 4 Hour Work Week". Yea, I said it.

    Years ago in the beginning of my personal development book reading regiment, The Four Hour Work Week book kept popping up in front of me. So, I checked it out from the library. I couldn't even make it to the half way point. Knowing that Tim Ferris worked his face off for 16 hours a day for...
  3. Wiezel

    Gary Vaynerchuck

    There are many so called 'guru' people online. Buy this course for $999 and you'll be millionaire end of the year! You'll know who I'm talking about (Sam Ovens, Tai Lopez etc.). About 1.5 year ago I came across Gary Vaynerchuck. Since then my mindset and thoughts have completely shifted. His...
  4. Dave Daily

    Gary Vee Talks Law of Control

    I’m 48, older than many of you here. In my mind, I’ve got 5 to 10 years to build my Fastlane. In thinking about my strengths in the context of problems I’d like to help solve with a fastlane business, I am grateful to @MJ DeMarco for giving us the CENTS framework to help us think through our...
  5. Jonny Blaze

    Instagram Direct Messaging Marketing (Gary Vee Style)

    So if you haven't watched the video here you go: View: So I run a clothing brand and Gary discusses in this video how to reach out to people through instagram DM. And from his book, JAB JAB JAB RIGHT HOOK he says that you need to provide value...
  6. BlindSide

    HOT TOPIC Can We Talk About Gary V? (Vaynerchuck)

    First off, I know he's insanely successful. I get it. Not only that, but I think he usually gives out great advice. I'm a big fan overall, and you can get a lot of value from him. But I wanted to get some forum opinions on some of the stuff he posts.. because sometimes it sounds like he's just...
  7. gabeb1920

    $20,170 Flip Challange

    Thought Id share this video I just watched. Not fastlane but very much hustle and could lead to some easy side income for those just starting out like me! :) Hope it's useful

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