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game programming

  1. S

    Indie Game Developer, How Can I Make Something People Want?

    I'm 16 and had about 2 years of game development experience. I've been looking into business and fastlane entrepreneurship for a while now and originally ruled out game development, but decided I want to give releasing a game a shot. My concern is that I don't want to spend months developing a...
  2. Rollio

    [PROGRESS THREAD] Making my first game

    Devlog #00 Preface I am making this thread to document my progress on my first (real) game and to keep myself accountable and motivated. I'll be using unreal engine 5, blender, and Inkscape. I've spent the last week and a half absorbing as much knowledge surrounding ue5 and Blender and feel...
  3. SputnicK

    Learning C (Game Programming) Progress Thread

    Introduction: Hello Fastlane Forum! I am a 19 year who is pursuing a CS degree in college with a particularly interest in game development. As I am a terrible procrastinator, and have read that accountability systems increase the odds of success by 95%, I thought I would start this progress...