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full-time entrepreneur

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  1. brief

    Right mindset to become a full-time entrepreneur - how to think about opportunities?

    Hi everyone! I'm an entrepreneurial guy (not a full-time self sustaining entrepreneur yet) but I did some fun projects along the way. Most of them failed, some worked out. My best project thus far was a private camping next to a festival (basically in my garden) which made me 8k in profit over...
  2. Andrewjgong

    INTRO Almost 26 and Looking to Retire at Age 30

    Hello! My name is Andrew. In December 2016 I graduated and went full time into my business. Hopefully my intro doesn't sound too cocky! :clench: I picked up TMF two years ago and have listened to it at least 3 times. I also picked up Unscripted last year. My life has changed immensely with...
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