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fba seller

  1. Lee James

    Advice please: First foray into FBA | Doggo miracle cure

    Morning/afternoon/evening :) I hope you're all really well! I'm helping my wife set up a company in a space that's very dear to both of us where we can add a huge amount of value. She is a dog trainer by trade, and after our dog Tuki had a serious injury that cost us £££ and lots of...
  2. A

    Hi Everyone, ready to take off here!

    I just launched my first product to start selling on Amazon. Things are going relatively slowly. I am super motivated and would love to learn as much as possible. Maybe anybody here needs a virtual assistant with their amazon shop or e-commerce. Currently, I am working as a social media...
  3. O

    entrepreneur woken up again.

    Hi everyone, I`m glad and very excited to become a member of this community as I`m 30% into reading Unscripted and I also read TMF about 6 years ago. Being end of 30's and living a "comfortable" lifestyle in a profession that pays above average (it was my dream to do this profession when I was...
  4. Readerly

    [Progress Thread] Amazon FBA

    This is a continuation of a progress thread started on the inside. If you're an Insider and are curious, you can read that thread here. I launched a second brand on Amazon selling two products in one niche. I sent in 5 units of each product and ran ad campaigns on a set of targeted search...
  5. Cat Lady

    Amazon publishing help needed - Advantage vs P

    Hey folks - I know some of you are successful on Amazon and I'm really eager for some help. If you have experience in the publishing part of amazon and can help with my specific problem, I'd be happy to compensate you or just shower you in love. This problem has eaten up way too many hours for...
  6. Mike Mescodi

    Who is Mike Mescodi?

    Dear Tribe, According to Harvard Business School study by Shikhar Ghosh, the failure rate of all U.S. companies after five years was over 50%, and over 70% after 10 years. This was enough for my friends to try and convince me that dropping out of college in Europe and moving to New York to...