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fastlane meetup

  1. Mikkel

    Inventor's Virtual Meetup

    Today I had a great call with @RightyTighty where we talked about all things inventing. We both thought it would be worthwhile to have a biweekly or monthly virtual meetup of people who like to invent products, so we can share ideas, brainstorm, network, etc. If you're interested or thinking...
  2. C

    Looking for a partner in Germany

    Hi, I am looking for a business partner in Germany. The idea is to eventually develop an app. Now you don't have to be a coder, to me it's just important that you have adopted the fastlane mindset very very well. Send me a direct message if you're above the age of 24 and I can explain...
  3. J

    Fastlane Summit 2022?

    Hey MJ, I know shit has been going down this past year and a half, but do you plan on having a 2022 Summit? I've always wanted to go to one since I started reading your books.
  4. Mike39

    Orlando/Miami Meetup?

    Anyone interested in a Orlando or Miami meetup? Recently moved to Orlando. I've organized and participated in some great Denver area Fastlane meetups, would be awesome to set something similar up down here if anyone is local.